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Furniture and office storage 
Free first month storage

 24/7   Separate modular warehouses (one room for each customer) secured and guarded 

Typical Warehouses - Warehouses  For Rent

  • Fully equipped and secured furniture storage warehouses to preserve your belongings while adhering to safety standards. Full packaging of all collectibles and stored parts

  • Stores and warehouses of offices, furniture and luggage in Riyadh 

  • Most of the furniture transfers these days go through the storage process, which is a process that follows many operations such as unpacking, packaging and transportation, and from transportation, the move is to the warehouses in which the storage process takes place, and this process happens in large transportation operations that have large numbers of furniture In this case, the furniture is transferred to the stores and from the warehouses to the place where the furniture is to be moved. In the beginning, when you choose a company to move your furniture, you must first inquire about the presence of stores in the company or not, and to make sure of the quality of these stores, we will talk here About the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, for example, Dar Al Attijah Company is classified as the best furniture moving company in Riyadh because it possesses all the ingredients of a successful company in the field of furniture transportation.

  • Directions House, a furniture moving company in Riyadh, has extensive experience and a good reputation  In the field of moving furniture over many years, in addition to the skilled labor it possesses  Directions House Company has a great role in carrying out professional furniture transfers  Aman, because they specialize in moving furniture, packaging, storage and other operations related to moving furniture, such as disassembly, installation, etc., in addition to a work team for moving and dismantling electrical appliances that need special care and attention.


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  •   Offices, furniture or luggage are wrapped in a professional and professional manner to avoid dust, breakage and scratching  before storing it  :

  • When moving furniture, some of us need the process of storing furniture, the stores of Dar Al-Atijahat Company, a furniture moving company in Riyadh, is one of the best stores in Riyadh, as the company has the best stores to store all kinds of furniture and electrical appliances. It guarantees clean stores to receive your furniture, so you don't have to worry about your furniture from dirt or water spots and oils resulting from poor storage, and it also provides good ventilation for furniture in stores, which prevents unpleasant odors caused by closed spaces in storage.

  • Furniture moving company in Riyadh, Dar Al Attijah Company (Is Move)  It owns furniture storage warehouses in Riyadh with its modern methods of storage, where the furniture is initially packaged to ensure that it is preserved for the longest possible period inside the stores, in addition to using the latest packaging methods and the finest materials in packaging. Assemble them in one place and the devices in another place, and also if glass objects are stored, they are separated from the rest of the furniture after packaging them well, and the stores are insured.


Our storage story 

Our storage started a long time ago with the introduction of the service of moving furniture, luggage and offices, and to repeat the request of our wonderful customers like you, the transportation and storage service was initiated 

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 Our wonderful clients like you

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