Tips for moving furniture, moving furniture, moving offices of companies and government departments  


  Steps to move to your new office or home in an easy way

Know the most important steps to follow in order to move easily to your new home

Moving to an office, a house, a villa, a role, or a new house/apartment is a change in the family’s life, so you must take care of several things that will help you and your family settle quickly, so it will provide you with several steps that will help you adapt and settle in the new place:


  First: Moving furniture, furniture and offices

First: moving the luggage


When you decide to move to a new house/apartment, the first thing on your mind is moving luggage and kitchen utensils from the old house to the new one. And to make it easier, you can allocate boxes for each type of furniture, for example: breakable “glass” furniture in separate boxes, kitchen utensils in other boxes, books in boxes … and so on. And do not forget to put labels “marking” on each box and make sure that they are well glued so that emptying them does not become a difficult matter, and to ensure that the transportation process is facilitated.

Second: Choosing and organizing apartment furniture


One of the most important things when moving to a new house is organizing and coordinating the apartment, so that your house becomes ideal and more comfortable for you and your family members, so you have to take care of choosing the home furniture. that you have chosen, so that there is a proportion and proportion between the size of the rooms and the pieces of furniture.

For example, the furniture is not large than the size of the rooms, causing inconvenience to you and your family, as well as not being small or inappropriate, leaving unused spaces that may benefit you.

Here are the ways to arrange the furniture after you make the purchase:


Living room arrangement:

Put the sofa at the largest wall of the living room, and the rug is in the middle of the room to give a more aesthetic shape. You should also leave a space between the pieces of furniture, to give you a feeling that the space is larger.


Bedroom arrangement:

The bed is the most important element of the bedrooms. It can be placed against the main wall at a middle point in the room, while leaving room for freedom of movement around it.

The wardrobe must also be placed on the wall devoid of windows, taking care to leave an appropriate space in front of it for the freedom to open the doors, and you must be careful to let the air and light into the rooms properly to be more healthy.



Third: Choose the colors of the paints



Of course, choosing wall paint is an important matter, and everyone is keen to choose it carefully. You must choose the wall paint to suit the size of the rooms, the shape of the furniture and its colors, and in order not to be confused too much, we will provide you with simplified ways to help you choose:


In the event that the furniture is of simple colors and devoid of details, it is possible to choose a paint color with some effects to paint one or two walls, and another color that is plain and neutral for the other walls.


If the furniture has a lot of colors and details, you can choose a light color from the furniture colors to paint the wall, taking into account the colors of the floors.


There are two types of interior wall paints: oil paint and plastic water-based paint, but the most common one in use is plastic paint, due to its color stability, covering cracks, resisting bacteria, and reducing the spread of fires.

Fourth: Knowing the shops and schools near the new house

Find out about the level of the area in which you want to live by  Biology guide  Through it, you can know the assessment of the neighborhood in terms of social level, availability of services, and availability of transportation.

After you organize the home furniture, you will need to know the locations of the stores and markets near your home, so there is nothing wrong with that  ask the neighbors  Find the best and closest shops to the house and from where you can meet your needs and the basic needs of your family.

You must also inform several parties of your new address, such as the telephone and Internet company, in order to register the address, and thus ensure that the service arrives quickly.

You should also search for schools and clubs near your home, to enroll your children in them, as this certainly helps to create the atmosphere for them comfortably.

Fifth: Getting to know the new neighbors

When moving to a new house and area, of course, you and your family will not want you to feel bored and lonely, it is okay to take the initiative to get to know your neighbors, this will make you and your family adapt quickly to the new place, you can start with the neighboring houses, but make sure to choose the appropriate time and hour to remove the embarrassment from everybody.

Sixth: Tell your relatives and friends the address of your new home

Do not forget to tell your relatives, old friends and neighbors the address of your new home, and invite them to celebrate with you as well, it would be great to share those moments with them, as this will enhance your relations together and make the friendship and communication lasting between you and you can if you want to take them on a nice tour of the house to show them the colors and foundations that you have chosen You and your family members.



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Transportation tips during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19)


Use the new cartons and avoid the used ones or the ones from the stores


Always wear a mask and gloves, make sure workers wear them, and keep a distance between you and them


Putting disinfectant, soap and napkins at the entrance to the house and disinfecting objects  that have been touched by workers and handles  the doors

What you do not need, do not transfer it and send it to charities, and we will deliver it to the association that chooses for free, in our desire to participate in doing good.


  And may God protect everyone





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