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Pioneers in dismantling, moving and installing furniture and offices for companies, government departments, palaces and homes

It is our mission to our wonderful customers to provide high quality unwinding, packaging, transportation and installation services. Our team goes above and beyond to meet the specific needs of each project. With open communication and exceptional service, we hope you can find what you are looking for with our transportation and storage service. For more information or general inquiries

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Customer reviews

Dar Al Etijal I have tried them twice, very sophisticated treatment and reasonable price compared to the quality of work

Dr.. Maher Al-Ahdab


Based on the advice of some brothers here, I agreed with the Dar al-Etijaqah company to transport and store my home furniture, organized and accurate, and their cars are equipped .. Their job is great and I advise everyone who needs to be transported to communicate with him

Abdullah Jaber


Thank you for the size of the sky 💐
A professional and cooperative work team, a light breath and a smile, and what do I say and what I leave, the truth of God is white and good for you, and may God bless you

Abu Saoud

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A very respectable company and the quality of their services is excellent and they have a very professional staff. I moved the items of my apartment with them from Riyadh to Jeddah and it was a great experience

Mohamed Hlmi

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